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Nov 22

A Southern Oregon Thanksgiving

Christmas merchandise crowds the aisles at all the shops while festive yuletide decorations line the streets. It’s Christmas, or is it? Every year it gets earlier. Had I wanted to buy ornaments or even a plastic Christmas tree I could have done so before Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Christmas but when it starts two months early that’s just overkill. So, in honor of the autumn season and that seemingly forgotten holiday called Thanksgiving here are some suggestions as to how to get out and enjoy the pre- Christmas season.

Oct 21

All Aboard for the last train of 2010

The park encompasses 49 acres at Berrydale Ave. and Table Rock Road in Medford. There are numerous activities to enjoy at the park including riding the scale trains, touring the full size train cars, watching the small model trains and sending and receiving telegrams. There are food vendors as well as a picnic area on the front lawn. Entry and train rides are free but donations are accepted.